Before you start

bitHolla Dashboard has a simple wizard to create and .configure your exchange. You need to first go to the dashboard and create an account. Once you create an account, click the "Create Exchange" button.

You will see the exchange setup page right away.

Once everything is set, you will see various hosting options here:

  • Holla Cloud: bitHolla sets up and runs your exchange in its secure server infrastructure.

  • DIY: You host your own exchange.

  • Enterprise: For an established business user.

If you are not a technical expert and don't want to deal with complicated technical details, we recommend you to use the Holla Cloud option to run the exchange. bitHolla Team will take care of all the technical parts of running the exchange.

For the technical experts, tech geeks, nerds, or hackers, the DIY option is available for you! To continue as a DIY user, click the 'Go with a DIY exchange' link below on the webpage. The Docs here are intended for DIY exchanges, so please continue to read the docs.

If you are an established business owner and looking for a solid solution to run an exchange, the enterprise option is here for you. By filling up the enterprise form, you can tell us your business details, your needs, and other specification clearly. Our team will respond to you shortly based on the provided information!

Now if you are done with the exchange setup wizard as a DIY user, and you are trying to set up your exchange on your own, you need to go to the installation section next.