Plugin Libraries
There are three types of third party libraries for all plugins: preconfigured, default, and plugin specific.

Preconfigured Libraries

Preconfigured libraries are libraries that have the same configuration for all plugins. These are included in an object this.pluginLibraries. The libraries included are:

Default Libraries

Default libraries are libraries that are already installed in the Kit itself. These can be imported using require. Please take a look at the Kit package.json file for all default libraries included. Some are:

Plugin Specific Libraries

Plugin specific libraries are libraries that are not installed in the Kit but required for the plugin. These can be installed through the prescript.install object in the plugin configuration and imported using require.
Please do not add any plugin specific libraries that are already included by default. It is possible a different version of the library can be installed which can cause some unexpected bugs.
To add a plugin specific library on installation, include the library name inside the install array in the prescript object. To specify a version, include the @ symbol with the version desired (similar to how basic npm install works).
prescript: {
install: ['hello-world-npm']