Private HollaEx Network
HollaEx Network is the core component connecting exchanges in the network with each other. Each node based on HollaEx Kit has to connect to the network. It's where the trading engines and wallet managements for exchanges are and it handles sensitive operations.
By default there is public HollaEx Network offered by HollaEx Exchange which is a default option to connect for all HollaEx Kit exchanges. Public HollaEx Network already has liquidity for many markets and for most exchange operators utilizing it is sufficient.
In case you do not want to share liquidity and would like to have full control over the entire ecosystem, there is a private HollaEx Network offered as an enterprise solution. With the private HollaEx Network, you can run and manage your own wallets, liquidity pool and trading engine without any limitations or revenue fee sharing.
For more information about private HollaEx Network, please contact [email protected].
Last modified 1mo ago
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