Automatic KYC

The Automatic KYC plugin is a seamless way to verify the identity of your users. This plugin allows users to upload their identification documents easily through iDenfy. The KYC verification process is secure and efficient, ensuring a smooth user experience.

To get started with the Automatic KYC plugin, simply install it from the exchange app store. Fiat Ramp and Boost plan subscribers can use this plugin for free. If you're not a subscriber, you can purchase the plugin by clicking the green ‘buy’ button and proceeding with the payment.

After installing the Automatic KYC plugin, you'll need to configure the following items.


  • error_pathPath: This is the path where a user will be redirected after a failed identification.

  • success_pathPath: This is the path where a user will be redirected after successful identification.

  • utility_bill: This determines whether the user is required to attach a utility bill when uploading documents.

  • unverified_path: This is the path where a user will be redirected after a not analyzed identification (e.g. user immediately cancels the process).


  • manual_review: This determines whether the document requires a final manual review by the admin.

Once it’s all done, you can see that a new section added to your exchange verification page. This section is used for KYC/AML verification of your users.

Additionally, the ‘manually upgrade’ feature allows you to update the plugin to a newer version by uploading a .json file. This will preserve the current plugin's configuration values, ensuring that your settings are not lost during the upgrade process.

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