Stop Exchange

If you are a cloud user, just go to the manage section of the HollaEx Dashboard, and click the buttons on there. Simple!

Stopping the exchange

hollaex server --stop

This command is like an "off" switch for your exchange. The command would stop the started exchange, which started with the hollaex server --start command.

Restarting the exchange

hollaex server --restart

This command would restart your exchange server. The exchange should be started first, before running this action.

Stopping the exchange web

hollaex web --stop

This command will stop the exchange web server you've started with the hollaex web --start command.

Restarting the exchange web

hollaex web --restart

This command will restart your existing web server. Also, you can rebuild the web server Docker image while doing a restart. If you need to apply new code changes for your web, this is the right command.

Terminating the exchange

This action is extremely dangerous! Terminating the exchange will completely remove all the data on your own exchange, and make the exchange unrecoverable. Think twice before running this command!

hollaex server --terminate

This command will completely destroy your exchange, from your user data, balance, server structure, everything. Your exchange will become fully unrecoverable. Again, THINK TWICE before running this command.

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