User Making Fiat Withdrawal

When a user decides to withdraw fiat that they have on their wallet, this operates on a very similar method to depositing but simply in reverse.

Withdrawals start from the user's wallet page and select the Withdraw option on the fiat credit they have.

After this, assuming they have set up their bank details on the Identification page, they will see the following simple page (If the user has not completed the verification page they will be prompted to do so).

On this page, the Bank will be auto-filled if they only have a single option, or a drop-down to select if they have more than one.

After this, they select how much of their fiat to withdraw and click Review Withdrawal.

The user will be presented with a final screen showing them the details of the withdrawal, the total amount (including the withdrawal fee), as well as what account will be receiving the withdrawal.

The pending withdrawal is now also viewable on the History page, and the user will receive an email notification of the request. To complete it the admin will need to validate it.

Admin Validating Withdrawal Requests

Whenever a user submits a withdrawal request, as shown above, the admin will receive a notification email, and similarly to the deposit case, will also see it present in the Operator Controls Fiat Controls, as seen below.

By clicking the + button beside the newly arrived withdrawal request we can see the details.

In particular, we will see the bank details in the Description section of the request. At this point as the operator it is your responsibility to transfer the funds using your banking method etc. outside the exchange and ensure that the correct amount of fiat has been sent to the correct user account.

With this transfer taking place, can hit validate and confirm the withdrawal, adding/ editing any of the IDs or transactions.

User Successful Withdrawal

With the admin validating the withdrawal, taking a look again at the user's page, we can see that in history the withdrawal has been complete.

And likewise the wallet has decreased the correct amount (1000GBP -> 910GBP).

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