SEO Optimization

Getting the most out of search engines is no easy task, here is provided a very quick guide on where more exhaustive resoures can be found, as well as some genral tips and tricks usable in HollaEx

Understanding effective SEO is quite a task. For what on the surface seems a fairly simple matter, in reality, there is a lot of content to go through. For example, on Udemy, an online course provider, searching for SEO results in a multitude of several hours-long courses.

On this page, we look at how to alter the exchange's SEO settings, and then on the next page look at some resources that can be used.

Cloud Operators

Cloud operators have access to the simplest and most effective method of altering their SEO settings discussed on the following page:

SEO Settings for Cloud Exchanges

On-Premise Operators

Whilst logged in as the admin on the exchange, access to the blue admin panel will be available. From here click the Console tab, this will open the code editor.

What this editor will allow is adding snippets of HTML code inside both the <head> and <body> tags of the overall website's HTML.

For our SEO settings, we want to alter the inside of the <head> tag. Things in this <head>, give an overview of what the website is about, and so is where search engines will be looking to find the relevant terms.

What We Can Add

The three main elements of our SEO settings or as follows:

  • Title Tag - This is the title as will be seen on search engine pages (the large clickable link), as well as in posts shared to social media.

  • Meta Description - The meta description is the text underneath the title on the search engine page.

  • Keywords - This is the vital part. Keywords are the vital aspects that search engine crawlers use to match up users' searches to useful results, these are not viewable to the user when they come across your site on search engines.

Here's an example of how we could inject the above into our exchange through the console:

<title>My Exchange</title>
<meta name="description" content="Trade Crypto Easily!"/>
<meta name="keywords" content="crypto,trade,exchange,bitcoin"/>

And here it is in action using the exchange's console:

A Note On Code Injection

This method of adding meta-data to the exchange differs a little from how conventional code works. The console injects this HTML code at the point of loading the exchange (as opposed to this being permanent code within the exchange). This means that this data is less likely to be picked up by web crawlers used by search engines.

Compared to the Cloud exchange method (where the SEO code is now part of the exchange itself), this console method will not be as effective.

Additional Resources

  • Google Search Central (Formerly Webmasters): This set of docs comes straight from the source, explaining how Google's algorithms work and how you can best take advantage of them. One particularly useful section shows how you can assist Google in displaying your listing exactly as desired.

  • Semrush: This checklist is a nice general selection of tips, and they do offer a keyword research tool, but other similar bits of software do exist.

  • Reddit r/SEO: There really is a Reddit for everything, and this fairly active Reddit will let you dive in with the newest news, or more useful general news when looking at the top of all time.

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