Exchange Keys

Remember the good ol' Starcraft?

We all have an old memory that we got starcraft from the store and installed it with the CD-key.

The CD-Key here is for identifying the product information, and verifying the product is valid.

HollaEx Kit got a similar mechanism.

It got a key to verify whether the HollaEx Kit is valid, and on top of that, it got a special token system for additional security and more secure communication.

Here, we will explain how the old starcraft's CD-Key system works with HollaEx Kit, in a modern way.

There are 2 big components here:

  • Activation Code

  • Exchange API key

    • API KEY

    • API Secret

Activation Code


You'll find a value called HOLLAEX_SECRET_ACTIVATION_CODE at your HollaEx Kit's settings files.

This is your exchange activation code. Which is the equivalent of starcraft's CD-Key.

HollaEx system detects you and your exchange based on the activation code.

Since it's integrated with your HollaEx Dashboard account, you can always get the value again from it, under the "General" page.

The activation code is not revokable. Please keep it safe!

Exchange API Key


You'll find values called HOLLAEX_SECRET_API_KEY and HOLLAEX_SECRET_API_SECRET at your HollaEx Kit's settings files.

They are the internal "account" credentials to allow your HollaEx Kit to communicate HollaEx backend system, including for the trading engine.

You should always keep them safe and make sure they don't get leaked to anyone.

You can always manage the status of the keys through the HollaEx Dashboard.

It is also possible to restrict or allow exchange permissions per key.

Restricting/allowing basic access to the Trading and Reading wallet balance data, setting an IP whitelist, and even restricting the financial-related feature access are also possible for special use cases.


If you are having an issue with the Exchange API Keys. Please check this page to get some help.

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