Release Notes

v2.11.3 Raki - 2024-07-04

New Features

User withdrawal restriction

  • Admin can restrict a speicifc users withdrawal and put a temporary (48 hours) or a permanent ban on the users withdrawals.


  • Staking 0 balance check validation bug is fixed.

  • Turkish email database migration is fixed during setup.

  • P2P minor UI refinements and improvements.

  • Email withdrawal bug is fixed in other languages when switching between different languages.

v2.11.2 Raki - 2024-06-30


  • Fixed the database migration issue during a new installation

v2.11.1 Raki - 2024-06-27


  • The issue with loading P2P tab in the operator control is resolved.

  • Staking 0 amount validation issue is resolved.

v2.11.0 Raki - 2024-06-17

New Features

Advanced Referral Feature

  • This feature can be activated from the operator control's general feature list.

  • Once activated, it tracks the trading fees generated by users referred by you and distributes a percentage of those fees to the referrer.

  • The exchange admin can set the currency and percentage of the referral fee.

  • Users can generate referral codes themselves and allocate their own custom fee revenue and discount for the referee.

P2P Trading Feature

  • Available for activation in the operator control's general feature list.

  • Adds a new section for users to trade with each other directly (P2P), which is particularly useful for certain currencies and payment systems.

  • The exchange acts as the escrow for crypto assets until both parties mark the transaction as completed.

  • It includes reoslution system, chatting between merchant and users and many other useful features.

New Deposit and Withdrawal Interface

  • A direct button to the deposit page is now available in the top navigation bar on desktop.

  • The deposits and withdrawals page has been refined for better user experience.

  • Users can now easily change the currency on the deposits and withdrawals page.

  • A transaction history table has been added to the bottom of the deposit and withdrawal page.

Additional Chain Explorers

  • More blockchain explorers, including Fantom, have been added to link transactions on various blockchain explorers.


  • General UI improvements with minor bug fixes and stability improvements.

v2.10.4 Manhattan - 2024-05-16


  • Made the removal of recaptcha from the web client backward compatible to support legacy fiat plugins

  • Displaying conditions for CeFi staking tab in the mobile view is fixed.

  • Minor UI and logic improvements.

v2.10.3 Manhattan - 2024-05-07

New Features

  • Extended Profit and Loss Period Options: Users now have extended options for viewing profit and loss periods, including daily, weekly, monthly, and 3-month periods.

  • Fiat Asset Configuration: Administrators can now configure minimum, maximum, and increments for fiat assets listed on the exchange through the customization tab in Fiat controls.

  • Direct Withdrawal Support via API: Administrators now have the ability to support direct withdrawals through the API.


  • Improved Quick Trade Design: Enhancements have been made to the quick trade feature, enhancing the user interface and experience for both desktop and mobile platforms.

  • Mobile Footer Design: The mobile footer design has been reverted back to the previous version with minor improvements.

  • Trade History Filtering: The trade history filter now supports quick trades filtering, providing users with more flexibility and control.

  • Improved 2FA Authentication: Enabling or disabling 2FA authentication with OTP flow has been enhanced to ensure users have a backup of their original seed. Additionally, users now receive email notifications for such activities.

  • Extended Session Period: The default session period has been extended from 24 hours to 7 days. For long-term tokens, sessions are now valid for 90 days.

  • Extended Tier Description Length: Exchange operators can now add longer descriptions to tiers, providing more detailed information to users.

  • Improved Navigation: Overall navigation throughout the platform has been enhanced for a smoother user experience.

  • Price Page Enhancements: The asset page has been renamed to the price page and includes various improvements for a better loading experience.

  • Wallet Balance History: The wallet balance history page has been divided into two tabs, displaying overall wallet balance performance and balance history separately.


  • Google reCAPTCHA Dropped: Due to challenges and side effects, Google reCAPTCHA has been dropped from the platform.

  • Risk Management Settings Dropped: The risk management settings to display a popup to the users when making large trades is removed due to the confusions caused for the end-user.

v2.10.2 Manhattan - 2024-04-03

New Features

Localization of Error Messages from Server:

  • We've expanded our support for multiple languages by localizing error messages sent from the server. Now, most server error responses are translated into various languages for better clarity and understanding.


Custom D/W Fees Fiat Controls:

  • Introducing a new feature in our Fiat controls! Operators can now customize deposit or withdrawal fees for fiat assets directly through the user interface in operator controls. This enhancement allows for greater flexibility and control over transactions for fiat on and off-ramps made through operator controls. It is important to note that this is not affecting the fiat ramps made with custom plugins.

Quick Trade UI Enhancements:

  • We've made significant refinements and improvements to the Quick Trade interface. Whether you're accessing it on desktop or mobile view, you'll notice a more intuitive and streamlined experience. Enjoy smoother navigation and enhanced functionality for all your trading needs.

Assets Page UI Fixes and Refinements:

  • We've made several fixes and refinements to the Assets page. From visual tweaks to usability improvements.

v2.10.1 Manhattan - 2024-03-26


  • A bug in the Profit & Loss is fixed when new assets are added. This bug was causing the exchange API server to restart upon getting P&L records for a user in cases when exchange adds a new asset that was not in the balance records initially.

v2.10.0 Manhattan - 2024-03-13

New Features

Profit & Loss (PnL) Analytics:

  • Introducing a powerful new feature, users can now access their balance history with estimates for specific dates. Activated via the exchange operator control under General -> Features -> Profit & Loss Analytics, this functionality provides valuable insights into past balances and performance.

  • With data collection beginning upon activation, users can expect accurate 7-day profit & loss data based on their holdings and trades.

Admin Custom Trade Creation:

  • Empowering administrators, we've introduced the ability to create custom trades between any two users and assets, complete with customizable fees. This feature, accessible through Operator Control under Assets -> Trades -> Create Trade, provides unparalleled flexibility in facilitating transactions tailored to specific needs.

  • Additionally, administrators can now easily track and filter recent trades by symbol on the new trades page.

Quick Trade Improvements:

  • We've enhanced the accessibility and visibility of quick trade market pairs across our exchange website, ensuring a smoother trading experience for all users.

  • Quick trade view is improved to have a larger and better calculator as well as price chart.

Mobile View Enhancements:

  • Implemented numerous UI/UX improvements for the mobile view of the HollaEx Kit. Notably, the footer has been revamped to enhance accessibility, particularly for navigating between Pro/Quick trade options.

Enhanced Search Functionality:

  • Implemented improvements to the search functionality, streamlining the process of finding desired assets or information within the exchange platform by their full name and symbol.

Region Support:

  • Kosovo is now added in the list of countries on the exchange.


  • Major UI improvements with minor bug fixes and stability improvements.

v2.9.5 Malibu - 2024-02-02


  • The changes in the login flow applied in the previous version are reverted due to some compatibility issues.

  • Bug fixes and refinements in the confirmation popup.

v2.9.4 Malibu - 2024-01-26


  • Deprecated crypto addresses are now displayed for the exchange operator on the Assets page, accessible under the Wallet tab in operator controls. Exchange operator can apply the "Valid" filter and search across deprecated wallets by unchecking the Valid box.

  • Logins utilizing 2-factor authentication are no longer categorized initially as failed attempts. This adjustment aims to reduce user confusion and enhance the clarity of login records.

v2.9.3 Malibu - 2024-01-16

New Features

Markup Fee for Withdrawals:

  • Exchange operators can now apply a markup fee to withdrawals, creating a new revenue stream.

  • The markup fee is added on top of network withdrawal fees.

  • During settlement in the dashboard, both the network withdrawal fees and additional markup fees are processed.

  • Markup fees are shared through the existing revenue-sharing system between the exchange and HollaEx.

Address Field for Mint and Burn:

  • A new address field is introduced for mint and burn operations in the operator control, enhancing flexibility and control.


Improved Blockchain Explorer Links:

  • Deposit and withdrawal history now features enhanced links to blockchain explorers.

  • Missing blockchain explorer links are now supported, providing a more comprehensive view of transaction details.

Refined Asset Donut in Wallet Page:

  • The asset donut on the wallet page has been refined, improving visual representation and user experience.

Staking System Flow Refinement:

  • The entire staking system flow has been refined, addressing bugs and optimizing the overall user experience within the system.

New Confirmation Page for Security:

  • A new confirmation page has been added to the website in the signup and withdrawal request flow.

  • Users are directed to this page after confirming actions via email confirmation links during signup and withdrawal requests.

  • This additional step enhances security by requiring users to confirm actions directly on the website.

v2.9.2 Malibu - 2023-12-20

New Features

Admin Order Creation:

  • Exchange administrator now have the ability to create orders on behalf of users directly within the operator control. This streamlines the trading process and provides more flexibility for managing user accounts. Integration in OTC Broker:

  • The OTC broker now supports exchange, allowing dynamic pricing and hedging functionalities from This integration broadens the platform's capabilities and provides exchange operators with more options for their trading strategies.


Improved Email Verification:

  • To bolster security and optimize performance, the email verification process has undergone a comprehensive overhaul post-signup. This ensures a robust initial email verification on the server, enhancing the overall safety of user accounts.

Enhanced Quick Trade Components:

  • The quick trade components have been further refined to handle edge cases more effectively. The interface now provides a smoother experience when interacting with different assets, offering improved usability and responsiveness.

Asset Page Bug Fixes:

  • Resolved a bug on the Asset page specifically related to Bitcoin Cash and cases where users did not have a balance.

Coin Staking Flow Refinements:

  • The coin staking flow has undergone refinements to enhance the overall user experience. These improvements contribute to a more intuitive and streamlined process for users engaging in coin staking activities on the platform.

General UI improvements with minor bug fixes and stability improvements.

v2.9.1 Malibu - 2023-11-29


Enhanced Operator Logs:

  • Added additional metadata for specific operations.

  • Improved traceability with inclusion of session IDs.

Staking Page Access Fix:

  • Resolved edge cases affecting centralized staking page access.

Authentication Performance Boost:

  • Implemented performance improvements for authentication during the login flow.

Withdrawal Page UX Enhancement:

  • Improved user experience when utilizing the 'max' button on the withdrawal page.

v2.9.0 Malibu - 2023-11-20

New Features

Staking System:

  • Introduced a staking system for exchange operators.

  • Enables the creation of centralized staking pools for various assets.

  • Users can stake assets in designated pools with automatic reward management.

  • APY is dynamically adjusted based on defined staking pool rules.

  • Available with Enterprise and Boost plans.

Operator Logs:

  • Implemented comprehensive operator logs system to track the activities done by the exchange operators.

  • Logs include all activities done on the exchange operator controls by different roles such as user information updates, transaction validation, and exchange configuration changes.

  • Accessible in the newly added "Operator Logs" section on the sidebar in operator controls.

  • Available with Enterprise and Boost plans.

Withdrawal Limit Improvements:

  • Shifted withdrawal limits from tiers to Assets -> Limits.

  • Monthly withdrawal limits introduced alongside existing 24-hour limits.

  • Exchange operators can now set individual withdrawal limits per asset.

  • Enhanced configurability for different rules per asset.

  • The max button in the asset withdrawal page takes the withdrawal limits into account.

Quick Trade Enhancements:

  • Significantly improved quick trade interface.

  • Enhanced handling of quote expiry cases and other edge scenarios.

  • Mini charts now displayed for both market pairs and broker-based assets.

Edit Email:

  • Exchange operators can now edit user emails through the operator control interface.

Risky Asset Disclaimer

  • Exchange operators can designate an asset as risky and volatile.

  • Users are presented with a disclaimer before purchasing such assets in the UI.

Asset name customization

  • Asset names can be customized by the operator control in different languages using the edit mode.

General UI improvements with minor bug fixes and stability improvements.

v2.8.2 Knob - 2023-10-03


  • TON wallet memo support.

  • Deposit/Withdrawal websocket notification bug fix.

  • Minor bug fixes and stability improvements.

v2.8.1 Knob - 2023-09-20

New Features

  • mini chart endpoint /minicharts support for all the asset prices including the assets without trading pairs.


  • Add to favorite is removed for broker coins in the asset page.

  • Dismissed and rejected status are added and taken out of pending status for users d/w in the operator control.

  • Network field is added to the d/w history of the user in operator control.

v2.8.0 Knob - 2023-09-01

New Features

  • Account deletion. Exchange users can now make a request to delete their account.

  • Embedded back-end tests to improve the reliability and security of services.

  • Major system performance and loading speed improvements.

  • Donut chart to display users assets is now added in the wallet page.

  • Dutch, russian and italian language are now supported by default.


  • Minor bug fixes and stability improvements.

v2.7.2 - 2023-07-14


  • Improved plugin marketplace and fixed certain edge cases when activating a plan.

  • Fixed CSV downloads for orders list.

  • Unhanldled errors are fixed during order creation.

  • Expired users sessions are now automatically cleaned.

  • Minor bug fixes and stability improvements.

v2.7.1 - 2023-07-12


  • The issues with non admin roles such as as supervisor accessing to the operator control is fixed.

  • Session and login history for admin is added.

  • Wallet trade redirection to quick trade is resolved.

  • Minor bug fixes and stability improvements.

v2.7.0 - 2023-07-10 (Hendrick)

New Features

  • OTC broker now supports dynamic pricing from other crypto exchanges such as Binance etc with hedging feature enabled to rebalance assets once traded. This is an extension to the existing static pricing for the OTC broker.

  • Network swap is applied for all exchanges to access liquidity for coins / tokens that do not have a trading pair with matching engine. This allows a wider access to new coins and tokens to buy and sell through the simple quick trade.

  • User session management system is now added. This system allows users to see the live active sessions and revoke them for better security practices.

  • User login history and improved security during login is added. User can view his login history in the security tab. Additionally if a user tries to login with wrong credentials, the account gets banned after 5 attempts for 5 minutes.

  • Improved user search and filtering in the opeartor control. It supports more options to filter and gives a more fine grained access to find specific user on the exchange.

  • New balance tab is added in the assets page that allows admin to get all the users current balances in a CSV file with the ability to filter by asset.


  • Minor bug fixes and stability improvements.

v2.6.6 - 2023-06-09


  • Quick trade bug fix when fields to convert are filled in an opposite way.

  • Minor bug fixes in quick trade and stability improvements.

v2.6.5 - 2023-06-07


  • Minor UI/UX bug fixes in the exchange.

  • Fixed the captcha length error bug preventing login when wrong captcha is set.

  • Built-in gzip configuration for the static files.

  • Referral section in the admin operator control can now be accessed by other operator roles.

v2.6.4 - 2023-05-30

New Features

  • DCT signing support for HollaEx Kit image.


  • Icon styling cleanup.

  • Admin key whitelisting bug fixes and refinements.

  • Including user id in the websocket notifications for deposit and withdrawal.

v2.6.3 - 2023-05-16

New Features

  • Support all format for csv based endpoint to retrieve the data in JSON.

  • Minimum deposit amount is displayed in the crypto deposit page.

  • Plugins webview now support public view.


  • CSV format cleanup in the API endpoints.

  • Built-in Nginx upgrade to version 1.24.0.

  • Supervisor role refinement in the operator control.

v2.6.2 - 2023-05-01

New Features

  • API for sending email is now supported for admin HMAC keys.

  • Full unit and integration test suite for back-end API endpoints.


  • injected html maximum length is removed for doing code injection in console.

  • wallet and order filtering refinement in the operator control.

v2.6.1 - 2023-04-20


  • User ids in the order section of operator control is now displayed correctly.

  • Security improvement in the flow for updating admin token in the operator control.

  • Coin icons are adjusted based on svg files.

  • Improvements and bug fixes for duster.

  • Withdrawal fee section now displays the blockchain network.

  • Minor bug fixes for cases that the user is not logged in and browsing the web client.

v2.6.0 - 2023-04-13 (cass)

New Features

  • HMAC token is now supported for the exchange administrator for API development. Using this token, the exchange can fully automate any processes externally without the use of plugins such as creation of user, transfer of assets etc. This is the highlight of this release and it allows developers to build and integrate third parties without the use of plugins which allows a lot of flexibility in certain cases. There will be more information posted about this and the documentation.

  • Different pages of the exchange can be accessed publicly without the user being authentication. Users can now explore the exchange and its features before signing up on the site.

  • New order and wallet tab in assets are added for the operator control so the exchange operator can easily filter and access the data for users orders and wallets.

  • Improved role access management control on the operator control for other roles such as support and KYC.

v2.5.3 - 2023-03-17


  • Requests with mimetype sent to plugin are now redirected correctly to the thread.

  • Asset page table and sorting logic fix.

  • Button alignment fix.

  • Minor UI bug fixes and stability improvements.

v2.5.2 - 2023-03-11


  • Resolved random plugin request proxy issue in the plugin thread that was causing unexpected errors in plugin process.

  • Optimized charts, orderbooks and tickers requests to cache the data temporarily which improves the overall performance of the system.

  • Minor UI bug fixes introduced in v2.5.0 release.

New Features

  • Wallet page now has a pin feature and exchange admin can pin specific coins on top of the users wallet page. This feature could be used for promoting specific coins and highlighting that for the end users.

v2.5.1 - 2023-03-01


  • Plugin incompatibility issue fix that started after v2.5.0.

  • Plugin update bug fix.

  • Plugin activation bug fix.

  • Minor UI bug fixes introduced in v2.5.0 release.

v2.5.0 - 2023-02-23 (cognac)

New Features

  • Urdu language support.

  • Dust convertor.

  • Improvement in the built in referrals. Now user can see the email of the user signed up with his referral code. Admin can also see all the users referrals and who invited the user in operator control.

  • Infrastructure update by updating the nodejs to v16 and a major dependency upgrade.

  • Address QR code scanner in the mobile view

  • Plugin marketplace

  • Market list ordering by operator control

  • Coin page in the kit

  • Order history improvements including more information about the order

  • Admin user order history improvement with better filtering


  • History fixes and improvements

v2.4.7 - 2023-01-23

New Features

  • A flow is added to upgrade the plugin in the plugin configure instead of uninstall and installing the new plugin to make the process more convenient.

  • Retry to send the transaction again available for the coin owner in the operator control along with dismiss and validate.

  • Developers can now create a mint/burn with dismissed, rejected or waiting status using hollaex tools library.


  • Fixed the download CSV for exchange deposit and withdrawal in the operator control. The exchange operator should be able to download all the data visible in the paginated table in the asset history for deposits and withdrawals.

  • Browser auto zoom fix for iPhone.

  • Minor UI bug fixes and refinements.

v2.4.6 - 2022-11-12


  • KYC role can now edit user information.

  • Decimal rounding bug for numbers are fixed.

  • Minor UI bug fixes and refinements.

v2.4.5 - 2022-10-21


  • Missing language flags are added.

  • Quick trade decimal rounding issue

  • Performance improvement and minor UI bug fixes and refinements.

v2.4.4 - 2022-10-20

New Features

  • Quick access for changing language in the top navigation bar.

  • Improve UI for inputting 2FA.

  • Support for Mongolian language.


  • Fixed warnings after initial loading.

  • Performance improvement and minor UI bug fixes and refinements.

v2.4.3 - 2022-10-06

New Features

  • App section for plugins for both user and admin view. This helps developing standalone plugins that require user interface easier in an app format that can be enabled by the user.


  • Token withdrawal using a different coin displays the fees correctly.

  • Performance improvement and minor UI bug fixes.

v2.4.2 - 2022-09-20


  • Website initialization improvements and edge case handling during initial loading.

  • Animation transition improvements.

  • Plugin installation and uninstallation no longer takes down the plugin container which used to cause short downtime.

  • Cleanups and bug fixes in the web.

v2.4.1 - 2022-09-06


  • Mini charts for markets with no data displays a straight line now.

  • Carousel speed is adjusted.

  • Email configuration for admin loading issue is resolved

  • Minor bug fixes and stability improvements.

v2.4.0 - 2022-08-22

New Features

  • Transfer assets using recipient's email address.

  • Fiat controls system for operator.

  • Landing page customization with new sections.


  • Chart real-time candle update issues are resolved.

  • Broker quote system improvements

  • Bug fixes and stability improvements.

v2.3.6 - 2022-06-23

New Features

  • Turkish language support.


  • Language and localization files cleanup for web and emails.

  • Add operator email bug fix.

  • Minor bug fixes and stability improvements.

v2.3.5 - 2022-06-13


  • Upgraded Trading view to the latest version.

  • Trading view has improved UI with better charts and technical analysis.

  • Add operator email bug fix.

  • Withdrawal fee display error fix in the confirmation popup.

  • Minor bug fixes and stability improvements.

v2.3.4 - 2022-05-24

New Features

  • Polygon Network and token integration.

  • usertrade websocket channel. This websocket channel sends only successful trades with the trade information to the user.

  • API URL and domain are integrated in one URL. API server now uses /api path starting from this version. Old exchanges with separate API and Domain will still function and this feature is not going to cause any issues. Once the domain is updated however, the new rules will be set in the exchange.


  • Crypress test updates

  • SMTP email setup error management

v2.3.3 - 2022-05-09

New Features

  • Cypress tests with gherkin support are included.

  • Klaytn network and token integration.


  • D/W email template update with currency and fee coin displayed.

  • Edge cases for console HTML injection are resolved.

  • History filter improvements and bug fixes.

  • Minor bug fixes and stability improvements.

v2.3.2 - 2022-05-03


  • Email template update in operator Controls is fixed and supports special characters and HTML format.

  • Custom display name support for assets. Previously all assets are displayed based on their symbol. With this update the coin can have one symbol while displayed differently to the end user. The main symbol is still used for APIs and main operations and display name is only for temporary user interface matters.

  • Minor bug fixes and stability improvements.

v2.3.1 - 2022-04-11


  • Depth chart refinement and bug fixes for edge cases.

  • Quick trade bug fix in the landing page after the broker integration.

  • Custom new language email bug fix.

v2.3.0 - 2022-04-06

New Feature

  • Broker OTC deals. Broker is an OTC style market where the exchange operator can place buy and sell price more like a traditional exchange style and users can buy/sell to him through the quick trade. These trades are not posted on the orderbook and are unlimited in terms of the markets you can add for free using this feature as long as the assets are activated in your exchange.

  • Email templates can now be configured by the exchange operator. Exchange operators can change the content and template of emails now through the operator controls. It allows full customization of the emails and their template.

  • API keys are available now with scopes and IP restriction. Developers can now generate api keys for algo trading with more fine grained access. You can specify the permission scope of the key and whitelisted IP addresses with CIDR ip range support.

  • Black list country support. Exchange operators can now select countries that they would like to blacklist so no user is allowed to login and use the services from those places.

  • DeFi farming & Staking. Users can connect their metamask and stake tokens in the DeFi world. This is currently only supported for HollaEx Token (XHT) but there are future plans to support more tokens.

  • Pro trade customization. User can now customize the view for their pro trading interface by dragging the components around as they want.

  • Depth chart. Depth chart is now added in the pro trading to see the depth of the orderbook.

  • General UI refinements and improvements.

  • Introduction of DIY Boost for DIY users.

  • Better feedback and animation in the site.

v2.2.10 - 2022-03-02


  • Withdrawal amount validation issue for tokens using different blockchain network is fixed.

  • Crypto address validation is no longer throwing an error for unknown coins/tokens.

v2.2.9 - 2022-02-21


  • Operator Controls total exchange balance displaying issue is resolved.

  • Minor bug fixes and stability improvements.

v2.2.8 - 2022-02-07


  • HollaEx Network and Tools library are fully integrated within the HollaEx Kit now.

  • Cancel All now requires a mandatory market symbol which would cancel all orders within the specific market. User must always specify the market in which he wants to cancel all orders.


  • Admin panel timezone is now displayed and is synced with user's local timezone.

  • Performance and stability improvements.

v2.2.7 - 2021-12-29


  • Earning settlement can now be done to a specific user selected by the admin in the operator control.


  • Web deployment is optimized by removing css generator from scss during build process.

  • Country phone code edge case fix.

  • Coin & pair parameter configuration improvement in the operation control.

v2.2.6 - 2021-12-13


  • Quick trade buggy edge case scenarios are fixed.

  • Quick trade icon update fix.

  • Once admin uploads an icon on Blue operator control, the new icon now is being displayed in a preview mode to reduce confusion.

  • Tradingview chart for smaller timeframes (1m, 5m) are functioning as expected and minor issues within those charts are now resolved.

v2.2.5 - 2021-11-29


  • Crypto address validation is fixed for non standard crypto addresses.

  • Quick trade edge case fixes.

v2.2.4 - 2021-11-25


  • Tools and Node library are now merged into the HollaEx Kit code base.

  • Withdrawal address validation inside the HollaEx Kit.

  • Network's user id mapping to local exchange user id is managed more efficiently.

  • Server now has a plugin development template.

  • Minor refinements and stability improvements.

v2.2.3 - 2021-11-11


  • Default market display is set to table mode.

  • Bug fixes for asset and market update through blue operator control.

  • KYC plugin uses modern plugin webview. KYC plugin v3 onward requires an upgrade to this HollaEx Kit v2.2.3 to work as expected.

  • Admin can edit user info without using the KYC plugin. We now have direct endpoints for updating user information through the blue operator control.

  • Refinements and stability improvements.

v2.2.2 - 2021-11-01


  • HollaEx Kit initialization no longer sends the exchange kit data during the initialization to the HollaEx Network. This is to avoid sending large data which could break the maximum size allowed in JSON for http request.

v2.2.1 - 2021-10-22


  • Font size issue fix on mobile view

  • File size exceed bug fix in the UI

  • Default country for KYC and SMS phone verification is now set to the country specified in Operators Control

v2.2.0 - 2021-10-21

New Feature

  • Cloud exchanges SEO

  • Improved quick trade UI/UX

  • Improvement in reset password with additional security and notifications

  • subscription hooks for signup, login and verify

  • coins and pairs can now be added directly through the operators control

  • Operator control covers all exchange management functionalities independently.

  • 1 min and 5 min charts

  • new onboarding flow through CLI with options to connect to different HollaEx Network

  • New full testing suite with selenium is added to further improve the quality of software.

  • Refinements and stability improvements

v2.1.20 - 2021-10-06


  • Edit function for all plugin webview components and labels.

  • Passing injected HTML to the plugins webview.

  • Operator control admin kyc plugin bug fix

v2.1.19 - 2021-09-13


  • Fixed the bug where the orderbook price is displayed as 1 when no public sales is found. It now tries to check the chart data and in case it doesn't find it, the orderbook price is not displayed

  • Fixed editable strings in plugins. Plugins can now be edited similar to all the other string content on the website.

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