The Messente plugin enhances the user experience on your platform by providing customizable automatic SMS text messaging. This feature can be set up to execute at crucial moments, improving communication with your users. With this plugin, you can reach customers around the world using an easy-to-integrate messaging API.

This can be found in the exchange app store and is free for Crypto Pro, Enterprise, Boost, and Voyager plan subscribers. You can simply click the green ‘install’ button to install and enable the plugin on your exchange.

After installing the Messente plugin, you will need to configure the following items in the Private section.

  • password: Messente API password

  • username: Messente API username

  • sendername: Optional. If set, you will need to configure the sender on Messente. You can leave it empty for simplicity.

  • send_sms_deposit: Enable SMS notifications to users for deposits by selecting 'true'.

  • send_sms_withdrawal: Enable SMS notifications to users for withdrawals by selecting 'true'.

Additionally, the ‘manually upgrade’ feature allows you to update the plugin to a newer version by uploading a .json file. This will preserve the current plugin's configuration values, ensuring that your settings are not lost during the upgrade process.

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