Enter Edit Mode

The quickest way to make significant changes to your exchange is by using the Enter Edit Mode button on the bottom left of the screen on the admin account.

On clicking this button the bottom blue panel will expand, and you will notice various blue icons appear over whatever page you are on.

When making new changes, ensure to always use the red Publish button on the bottom left to save the changes. If you close the browser or use the Exit edit mode button, the changes will not be saved.

Editing Strings (Text)

All Strings

This menu allows altering all the strings (text) on the exchange, as well as access to the language settings.

The menu displays two columns (by default both will be English until more languages are added) in which all the strings on the exchange can be found, along with the translated counterparts. Language choice can be edited by hitting the arrow on either of the column's heads.

Using the search bar will filter the list down to strings including that search term for either of the two selected languages.

By clicking any of the strings, a menu will open that will allow editing that particular string, as well as for all other selected languages.


Opening the settings menu in the top right will show the languages available on the exchange, and new ones can be chosen from the list. Clicking to the right of the language name will set it as default (the language displayed when users first land on the exchange). Users can change their language in their settings, or from the dropdown on the right side of the nav bar.

Adding a new language can be achieved by hitting the 'Add Language' button, and choosing the language from the dropdown. At present HollaEx has support for:

Arabic, German, English, Persian, French, Indonesian, Italian, Korean, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Vietnamese, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional)

To remove a language open settings, click remove and then confirm.

Editing Strings Directly

To change a string on the page you are currently on, rather than using the All Strings menu, you can simply click the small, blue pen icon next to any editable string and open its menu directly.


The first menu that comes up for themes allows settings for the default theme (theme loaded when the user first visits the exchange. Themes can also be removed by clicking the remove button and then confirming.

Adding New Themes

To add a new theme click the Add Theme button under the list of current themes. The first option will be whether the theme is a light or dark theme. Simply pick whatever better describes the theme you want to implement, as this setting will set the color of the text to contrast with light or dark background colors.

The next menu is where the magic happens. First give the theme a name, which will be displayed to users in the theme choice dropdown. Next the choice of using a single or separate base. A single base will use a single color as a base and set the theme from this.

The separated base gives more control over the specific colors used. For each element, a hex code can be entered into the text box, or by clicking the colored circle and choosing from the color picker, or using RGB code.

The element's names are generally fairly explanatory, but if you aren't sure what something will change, give it a try and look around a few pages to see what it has affected.

All Graphics

All graphics is where every icon, logo, and image can be edited. This works in a similar way as the strings discussed above, but instead of each language each column is a particular theme. This means that for each theme a different version of a given graphic can be used, useful if you want to use a recolor for a dark and light theme.

To change a given icon, hit the upload link and choose the desired image.

This list can also be filtered using the search bar at the top right.

Editing Graphics Directly

To change a graphic on the page you are currently on, rather than using the All Graphics menu, you can simply click the small, blue upward arrow icon next to any editable graphic and open its menu directly.

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