Monitor and control who is logged into the exchange at any time.

A session refers to the period in which a user is logged in. An active session means that the user has successfully logged in and is still logged in (if they closed the browser and re-opened the exchange they would not have to log in again). 24 hours after the successful login, the user's session will no longer be active, and the user will have to log in again. At this point that particular session will then become expired.

Sessions Tab

The first tab, Sessions, shows all active and expired logins. For each session the following information is given:

  • User ID - The ID of the user of that particular session. This can be used with the Users page to find the details on that account.

  • Last Seen - Last time that the user was active (last occurrence of any activity).

  • Session Started - Time of login for that session.

  • Session Expiry - The time that the session will expire (this will be 24 hours after the Session start time, and so for active sessions will be in the future).

  • Status - Whether a session is active or expired. The operator has the power to revoke a session and log out of the account and set the session to 'expired'.

Filter and search tools are provided above the table to help refine results.

Clicking on a particular session will expand the row, and also show:

  • Login origin country.

  • Login origin IP.

  • The device used for login.

Logins Tab

The Login Tab looks fairly similar to the Sessions tab but does differ in what it shows.

  • User ID - The ID of the user for that login (matching with the email used on the login screen).

  • Time - Time and timezone of the login attempt.

  • Result - Whether the login attempt managed to succeed or not. For unsuccessful attempts, the number of unsuccessful attempts will also be noted. This can be used to see if any suspicious attempts of trying to get into an account are occurring.

    • This can be seen in the screenshot below, with the login for User 1, failing twice, before succeeding.

  • Country - Based on the IP, the country from where the login originated.

  • IP - IP source of the attempt.

  • Domain - The domain that the attempt was made from (eg, the exchanges web domain, or if accessed from the app)

  • Device - Details of what device and browser the attempt was made on.

Filter and search tools are provided above the table to help refine results.

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