CloudFront CDN for HollaEx

Amazon CloudFront is one of the most popular CDN for various users since it is a part of Amazon Web Service. With the power of AWS data centers all around the world, CloudFront can provide static content faster than ever. It is also possible to apply an SSL certificate along with the CDN by using Amazon Certificate Manager.

Since CloudFront requires a separated domain configuration to make CloudFront itself to point the original server, you should run the hollaex prod command to apply a new temporary domain for the web.

hollaex prod automatically adds api. in front of the website domain (the domain that originally provided) for the API server domain. Since we are just applying a temporary domain for the web, please modify the API domain manually to a correct one by selecting N at confirmation menu.

Please check the website connectivity by accessing it through the web browser.

Go the AWS CloudFront console, and create a new distribution.

Fill the form up with the temporary domain you've set for the web.

You'll be able to see a default domain that is allocated to your distribution. Make sure to check the connectivity of it to your website before you proceed.

Once you have confirmed the connectivity of the domain, go to the edit page of your CloudFront distribution, and set the CNAME and SSL certificate for it. Type the permanent domain you want to use for the website, and bind the correct SSL certificate for the domain. You can either import or issue a new SSL certificate through the Amazon Certificate Manager.

Don't forget the set a CNAME record on your DNS with the CloudFront default domain name. (CNAME <->

Please check that you are able to access your website with the permanent domain you've set on CloudFront with the proper SSL encryption.

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