Email Customization & Audit

Once your SMPT email has been configured you can further customize the emails your users receive, and also set up an audit email to monitor what has been sent by your exchange.

Ensure that you have set up your SMTP settings, descriptions on how to do these with some popular providers can be found at the following:

Customizing Emails

Located under the SMTP configuration settings, the options for customizing email templates can be found.

The first option is to choose from the dropdown what email language you wish to customize. This dropdown contains all the languages you have set on your exchange.

After selecting the email's language, from the second dropdown choose what type of email template you wish to edit. There is a wide variety of these emails so you can use the search function to assist you.

Examples of some of these templates:

  • Login alerts

  • Bank verification

  • Password changes

  • Among many others

With your email type chosen, you will see the default title and email content. These can both be easily changed, the title via the top text field.

The email content uses HTML and can be edited as much or as little as you want. Once you are happy with all your changes, click the green 'Save' button to apply them.

Email Auditing

In addition to customizing emails, also on this page, an auditor email account can be set. This account will receive copies of all important emails sent out by exchange. Simply enter the desired email into the text field and save.

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