Exchange Migration

In this section, we explain how you can migrate your exchange to other servers.


  • HollaEx Kit folder (Either the existing one or a fresh one from GitHub).

  • A backup file (dump)

Note: to back up the exchange database, see the link.

Migrate Exchange

You can easily migrate the entire exchange assuming you already have the backup file.

Please copy your backup file into the new server first.

After that, run the following command. This will set up your exchange based on the configuration you have already set and will take care of all of the data migration procedures.

hollaex server --setup --restore_from_backup <DUMP_FILE_PATH>

If you are using your existing Kit folder, the CLI will automatically detect your exchange details. You can simply type Y to proceed.

If you downloaded a fresh HollaEx Kit, you should type in a few important data manually.

Select the Network type first. If your exchange was a production exchange, select the Mainnet. If it was a test exchange, select the Testnet.

You should type your exchange name afterward. Since the name here will be used just for provisioning/placeholder purposes, you could type any name you want to call with.

Once the restore process is all done, simply restart the server with hollaex server --restart when the procedures are done.


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