The Final Product & Installation

With the back and front of our plugin created over the last few pages, we need one final file, that we will use to actually put onto our real exchange. This file takes the form of a JSON file, hello-plugin.json

Creating the file

All we have to do is run one command in the correct location, fomr your terminal:

  1. Enter the hollaex-kit/plugins directory

  2. Run: npm run build --plugin=hello-plugin

  3. Let it run!

This will take a few seconds and once complete there should be two new files located at:


Using the JSON Files and Installing the Plugin

At this point, you may have been working on a test exchange but we will be wanting to use it on a real user exchange. To this end, all we need to do is take that JSON file we just built in the previous section and follow the next few steps.

Navigate to the Operator Controls of the exchange you want to install hello-plugin on, then navigate to the plugin screen as seen in the image below.

Hit the green 'ADD THIRD PARTY PLUGIN' button in the top right. This will open the box as seen in the image below. Click the upload link, and find the hello-plugin.json file we built in the previous section.

You will be asked to confirm your new plugin, by entering 'I UNDERSTAND'.

The plugin is installed on the exchage! We will have hte option to tinker with it as in the image below. For hello-plugin, we can simply change the public_message and the private_message, and also if we choose to update the plugin, simply rebuild our new updated JSON, and upload with the 'Manually update' button.

Jumping out of the Operator Controls, give your exchange a refresh, and as if by magic, we will now see hello-plugin added to our sidebar, and our exchange!

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