Setting Domain for Cloud Exchanges

All Cloud operators are provided with a default domain when setting up their exchange, in the form:


However, in most cases, operators want to host the site on their domain so that the branding is 100% theirs as well as sending emails from the same domain (See these pages for details on this simple process).

How to Set Domain

Domain Setting Steps in Brief
  1. Register domain

    1. Cloudflare recommended

  2. Go to your HollaEx Dashboard

    1. Navigate to Hosting

    2. Select the Domain tab

  3. In the Connect domain box, select Update

  4. On the third pop-up menu, enter the obtained domain

  5. After this, the Dashboard will provide a single A record to be added to the DNS settings of the domain

  6. Moving from the HollaEx Dashboard, head to your domain provider's DNS settings, and add the record that was provided

    1. The exact method of this will vary depending on your Domain registrar

  7. Return to the Dashboard and click Check. If the record was added correctly, then we can proceed.

    1. If an error is returned ensure that you have correctly added the record, and if the problem persists please contact the email

  8. The exchange will be restarted (this may lead to downtime of around 30 minutes)

    1. The progress can be monitored in the Events tab of the Dashboard

  9. Once finished the exchange will now be reachable on the chosen domain

Getting a Domain

This process can be completed in fortunately very little time. Before starting though it is necessary to obtain a domain. We recommend Cloudflare as future security steps will be using it for additional security in any case.

Setting on HollaEx Dashboard

With this domain obtained, head to the Dashboard and navigate to Hosting on the sidebar. From here we are looking for the Connect domain section.

Click the blue Update button and the next few steps are explained in the menus that will appear.

Reading and clicking through the two informational pop-ups, we will first enter the domain that was obtained earlier.

We will be given a single A Record to add to our DNS settings for the obtained domain. How to do this exactly will depend on which domain registrar is used, for example, this document explains how to do so on CloudFlare, while the below images show for GoDaddy.

With this record added, we can instantly see if it's working. Back on the Dashboard, click the blue Check button under the record we were provided. This should instantly report back if the record was added correctly.

With this done we can proceed, and the Dashboard will restart the exchange for us to apply the new change.

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