Install Plugins

Configuring new plugins onto your exchange is incredibly simple and there are a few options possible.

Installing via the Operator Control Panel

To install a plugin offered by HollaEx to access your Operator Control Panel, head to the Plugins section and click on the My plugins tab.
In the 'Explore' section, you will see a list of the plugins offered by HollaEx.
Adding Plugins from here could not be easier, simply hit the green 'Add' button on the right, or click on the plugin you are interested in for more details (also with a green 'Add' button with the same function).
Plugin detail screen
After clicking the 'Add' button, you will be automatically taken to the 'configuration' page for that plugin to set up any details that may be required.

Adding Third Party Plugins via the Op. Controls

For plugins that are not on the Explore tab, the installation is fortunately still simple. From the Plugins page, head to the 'My Plugins' tab where the 'Add Third Party Plugin' button will be.
Clicking this button will give a confirmation screen asking for confirmation of adding the third-party plugin. At this point there are two options:
  • Upload the plugin JSON file
  • Input the plugin URL path
Simply click the upload button and provide the JSON file of the desired plugin.
The plugins folder has an exmaple plugin, with JSON
If the uploaded file has the correct format, you will once again be asked to confirm the process by typing in 'I UNDERSTAND'.
Once confirmed, your plugin will be installed on your exchange, and you will be able to configure it.
Taken to the config screen after uploading the JSON.


To install a plugin through the API, you can use the endpoint POST <API_URL>/plugins with the plugin JSON object above passed as the request body.
Install Plugin