The Markets page lists all the markets currently on your exchange, both those using the Ordebook or the OTCBroker. New markets can also be added to either of these through the Markets page.

Public Markets

A list of markets that are either incomplete or in pending status waiting for verification, and a list of all active markets that utilize an orderbook for transactions are displayed in this tab. You can also add a new trading pair by clicking the ‘create/add market’ button. When creating a new market, you are asked to provide certain parameters.

Read the documentation regarding configuring these pair parameters:


A list of all current active orders on the exchange, with a filter for selecting markets.

OTC desk

This feature allows you to create any pairing you want, limited to specified prices set by you as the exchange operator. For full details on the OTC Broker, please check out the following:

pageOTC Broker

Quick Trade

The Quick Trade tab allows configuring all deals that utilize the Quick Trade screen. Using the gear icon deals can be switched between possible trading methods (Orderbook, OTC, and Network Swap).

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