Accessing the Network Tool Library

The following directory contains the files needed to interact with the library:


In the .js file you will use to run whatever commands desired, three elements must be passed:

  • apiKey

  • apiSecret

  • activation_code

If you know your exchange's ID, the field exchange_id can also be passed.

These attributes are passed as such:

const Network = require('hollaex-network-lib');

const client = new Network({
	apiKey: '<MY_API_KEY>',
	apiSecret: '<MY_API_SECRET>'
	activation_code: '<MY_ACTIVATION_CODE>'

The field apiExpiresAfter can also be passed, which denotes the length of time (in seconds) each request is valid for. By default this value is 60.

The exchanges activation key can be accessed in the following manner:

  1. Access your exchanges settings with the tab in the top left

  2. Enter the General settings page

  3. Scroll to the bottom, click the eye icon to reveal the code and copy it

Alternatively, by accessing the secrets file in the settings directory of the HollaEx Kit, all 3 required codes can be found.

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