Set up the SMTP Email
After all those years since "email" was invented in 1970s, email is still a crucial part of many internet services. HollaEx Kit is no exception! The email service is used for notifying users about their activities, sends updates to the exchange operator, and is mandatory for security verification.
HollaEx Kit relies on standard "SMTP" protocol. This is a technical standard that most email service providers support. Below you can find a list of services offering this service.

SMTP configuration on the HollaEx Kit

Once you login to your HollaEx exchange as an admin, go to the Operator Controls and you'll see the section for configuring SMTP details in the 'General' tab.
From here, you can put the SMTP credentials that you got from the email provider.
This sample image above uses the configuration with SMTP credentials offered by AWS SES.


You can browse HollaEx Kit server logs to see more details in order to find issues with your mail server provider.
hollaex logs --target api
The command above will show the logs from your API server. Searching the keyword SMTP would be the fastest way to find what you are looking for.
Last modified 5mo ago