Developing Plugins

Developing a plugin for your exchange allows deeper customization of your exchange, without needing to worry too much about causing issues by altering the source code itself

Taking your exchange to the next level requires customizations and features tailored to your needs.

Similar to WordPress or the App store, HollaEx provides an extensive framework for developing custom plugins allowing you to create new features and provide customized services based on your requirements. As plugins are custom code so you can feasibly build anything you can imagine within the scope of exchange.

In addition, since plugins are attached on top of the exchange, adding a plugin to your exchange will not interfere with your exchange's core and thus have less chance of problems from interfering with the source logic.

Additionally, plugins can have an extensive user interface, both for users and the admin, so will be more convenient to manage, rather than customizing the code base of HollaEx Kit directly.

Docs Structure

These plugin pages are split into two sections. The first half 'Development Walkthrough: Hello-Plugin' is the best place to start, to get an idea of the practical steps that go into the creation of a plugin. It only takes about 20 minutes from start to finish, so we recommend starting here.

After this, the 'Advanced' section contains the specific details of each step that the walkthrough goes through, for those who want to learn more. In addition, two more advanced tutorials can be found, to see examples of more complex plugins.

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