Users Making Fiat Deposit

With the Initial Setup complete, as well as the first Fiat/ Crypto Ramp created, we can focus on the flow that will be followed by users to get fiat credits into their HollaEx wallet.

On the deposit page for the fiat currency, users will see the details of the setup on-ramp, similar to the image below.

With this done the user enters how much fiat they wish to deposit. In the following guide, I have requested Β£1000 (GBP).

On the deposit menu, shown below, the most important field for the user is the Transaction ID. This is the reference that the user leaves when transferring the fiat to the account shown in the Bank field.

The next menu gives a final summary of the choices.

With these above details, the user must now come away from the exchange and deposit with exactly the details given above, in the manner they would do normal bank transfers.

Clicking Proceed, they will receive the following information. The time to clear is dependent on your team's response time on the next steps.

In addition, we can see the GBP deposit status on the History page, in the Deposits tab, and finally, the user will receive an email notifying them of the deposit request.

The Admin Role in User Fiat Deposits

Now the user has submitted their deposit request, as the admin we will now be able to see on the Summary page of the Fiat Controls a deposit request. There will also be an email sent to the admin email to notify them of the request.

We can see in the image below that the request we made from the user side and the transaction ID.

Now all that must be done is to check the account that we asked users to deposit into. If we can see the funds with the appropriate ID and amount we can simply Validate the request. If not, it can be Denied.

On validation, the admin can edit the reference and add a description, and then the exchange will mint an appropriate amount of fiat credit, and send it to the requesting user.

User Receiving Fiat

With the admin validating the requests, we can hop back to the user and see now in deposits that the GBP deposit has been completed.

As well as this deposit being reflected in the wallet.

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