Cloudflare CDN for HollaEx

Cloudflare provides a powerful CDN along with DNS for your own domain for free. While enabling the CDN, you could also apply a free SSL certificate from Cloudflare, so it could be the easiest option to implement every necessary method both for security and performance.

Go to, make an account, and click the "Add Site" button on the console.

Type your domain, and click "Add Site".

Here, you can select service plans for it. We will proceed with the free plan for now. You could select a different one based on your needs.

Cloudflare will show the existing DNS configurations for your domain. You could also enable CDN and apply the Cloudflare SSL certificate on this section. We recommend you to enable the Cloudflare SSL and CDN only for the website. Enabling the Cloudflare CDN (Proxy) with SSL could be a cause of potential malfunctioning.

For the better security and compatibility, Do not forget to set the SSL/TLS encryption mode as 'full'. The server connection would be failed if you have an existing SSL on your server side, but didn't set the Cloudflare encryption mode as 'full'.

Since you've got the domain from a different domain provider, Cloudflare will announce you to move your domain's nameservers to Cloudflare's one. Follow the instructions to migrate the nameservers, and click the "Done" button below.

The transfer would take minimum few minutes to maximum few hours. You could get an email notification once the transfer is completed by clicking the button circled.

Once the nameservers are fully migrated and the SSL gets applied, you'll able to reach your HollaEx web with SSL and CDN enabled. You can confirm the status by checking the SSL certificate details.