Operator Control Panel

Found through the blue admin panel on your exchange, the Operator controls is your one-stop shop for monitoring and managing many of the most vital aspects of your exchange, easily and efficiently.

The Operator Control Panel (or admin panel) is the control panel of your exchange as an administrator. It's where you can view the full details of your users and their transactions, the total balances of assets, configured values of coins and trading pairs as well as the status of user activation and verification, and more.

This is the key to controlling and operating your exchange effectively. The operator control panel is accessed through the 'Operator controls' option on the blue admin bar.


Opening the Operator Controls will first show the dashboard where you can view a summary of the control panel’s functions. To access other areas, you can use the various menu options on the page, or the options in the sidebar. The functionality of each of these options is explained in the following:

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