Operator Controls (Visuals)

The Operator Controls are the central hub for all the admin's controls. In this section we will just focus on the controls that deal with aesthetics.

For the full list of what can be done in the Operator Controls please look into these relevant doc pages.

Inside the Operators Controls, all aspects of your exchange are interacted with. This page will only focus on the few settings located here that allow you to change what it is your users will actually see.

All the following tabs are found in the General section of the Operator Controls.


Branding is the first place where we can change up some exchange settings.

  • Exchange Name - This is of course your exchanges's name. This isn't actually isn't directly sed on the exchange and so is more in the background than one might think at first glance.

  • Exchange Logo - This is a bit more important and is the graphic that will represent your exchange in two different places. The first and most prominent is the top left of every page on the exchange. Second, a larger version will appear on the Pro Trade market screen. Finally, it will sit in the center of the footer.

  • Loader - This is the graphic that will display when pages are loading. This is by default a simple spinner design but can be replaced by something else (likely a GIF) with ease.

  • Exchange Favicon - A favicon is the little icon that appears in the tab of the web browser.

  • Landing Page Background - Does what it says on the tin, simply changes the background image on the landing page (the page with the ticker and View Exchange & Start Trading buttons), likely to be the first page users come across

  • Onboarding Background Image - See Onboarding below.

The Theme Specific Graphics link under some of these changeable icons refers to the fact that for each color theme added (see Enter Edit Mode) a different graphic can be used, and will be instantly swapped when changing theme. This could be simply a recolor of the logo to match a lighter/ darker theme or a new logo entirely.

The Footer tab offers a handful of customization options to the footer of the website, which is present on every page.

  • Exchange Description - A short description that sits beside the footer's logo.

  • Footer Small Text - Used to link to outside pages, where you have detailed your exchanges Terms of services, and privacy policy

  • Referral Badge - This is a small piece of text in the very bottom left of the footer. By default this links to the HollaEx site, and states 'Powered by HollaEx'. On Crypto Pro, Fiat Ramp, and DIY Boost plans this can be hidden or repurposed.

  • Footer Links - A flexible system where you can add various columns and populate them with text links to wherever you desire. This could be used to link to your own blogs, about us pages, or any other related resource you want to share with your users.


Just one visual change here, the Onboarding Background Image. This is the exact same as the landing page but is unsurprisingly the background for the signup and log-in screen.

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