SEO Advanced Settings

In addition to the simple SEO setting tools provided, the dashboard also gives the oppurtunity to use a more direct HTML code injection to the <head> and <body> tags

For those more comfortable with using code to define how their SEO settings function, the Cloud Dashboard does also offer in the advanced section the option to use tags. These two fields (for the head and body) are available from the SEO page (hosting -> SEO) from a dropdown at the bottom.

Here any code you want to add can be input and it will be statically added to the webpage, as is done in the standard fields in the previous section. This differs from the Operator Controls Console (link here) in that this is statically added rather than dynamically injected.

This static addition is preferable to the dynamic injection as it is easier for search engines to pick up.

All the conventional options that can be added to these tags are possible, with a full list included on the operator controls console page.

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