This free plugin allows for creating exchange wide announcements to keep your users in the know

Available To

Free for the following exchange plans:

  • Cloud Plans:

    • Crypto Pro

    • Enterprise

  • On-Premise Plans:

    • Boost

    • Voyager

What Is It?

The Announcement plugin allows you to create and distribute news or updates to your exchange users. This can include important news regarding your exchange such as maintenance, and updates on new features.

These updates are displayed to all users in the header section as shown in the image below.

Who Needs It?

Announcements have a place on pretty much any exchange. It's a very lightweight plugin and gives an easy way to communicate with all users, without having to send out bulk emails.

How to Use It?

Once the Announcement plugin is installed, there will be an Announcement section of the Operator Controls sidebar.

From here announcement notifications can be created via the Add button.

This will open a menu with a text editor where you can enter the details of your announcement.

The fields are:

  • Title: The title of the notification shown to the user.

  • Message: The actual message content. This can be plain text, HTML code, or even can link to an image.

  • Type: This won't be displayed to users, but can be useful for organization on the Operator controls.

Once added, users will see the announcement and all previous ones.

To remove an announcement just hit delete from the list on the Operator Controls.

Images and More Complex Announcements

It is possible to upload images by using the image icon found in the text editor, using the image icon highlighted on the image below, you can supply a URL of the image.

This looks like the following to the end user:

You may notice in the text editor that there are many options like directly editing the HTML source, tables, links, and more allowing for more complex possibilities. Just bear in mind the smaller size of announcement notifications to ensure it's concise and readable by your users.

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