Setting Up Fiat On/ Off Ramp

By using the inbuilt HollaEx OTC Broker, you can offer your users full fiat-to-crypto conversion (and vice-versa)

Due to the nature of how the OTC Broker sources funds, sufficient liquidity is required for both the crypto and fiat assets

Setting Up the OTC Broker for Fiat

The Fiat Controls on/ off ramping method uses the OTC Broker. The process is similar to crypto-to-crypto OTC deals that is covered in detail on the following doc page. In comparison, this guide will be briefer, focusing on the fiat-specific elements.

First navigate to the Markets page in the Operator Controls, following this head to the OTC Desk tab and click Start New Deal

In this menu choose the crypto and fiat asset you wish to allow users to convert between:

For fiat conversion ensure that your chosen fiat currency is in the Priced drop-down on the right. This will make selecting parameters and pricing simpler in the next steps

The next menu asks for the parameters of the deal. This is simply the lowest and highest amount of the base asset that can be traded for.


  • For fiat to major markets (BTC, USDT, ETH) ramps, we would recommend selecting Dynamic pricing in the Type dropdown. This means you won't have to regularly monitor and reset the buy/ sell prices. This is what we will continue with

  • If you wish to allow conversion between your token and fiat, Static Pricing may be more suitable.

    • However ensure, to consider which method is best for your, and your users, situation.

For a more detailed breakdown of pricing, please read the pricing section of the main OTC Broker page

If the system can find the appropriate market on a major this will be set as default, and now I know that every five seconds the price will be set to current market value, without me having to lift a finger.

In the image above with BTC/GBP, I have my price set to monitor the Binance BTC/GBP price, then apply a 5% spread, with the resulting buy and sell prices (at that moment) shown by the orange arrow

What if My Fiat Market Isn't Supported?

In the case that you are using a smaller national fiat, likely, larger exchanges likely may not directly support it, and thus the HollaEx system won't be able to find an appropriate source of pricing data.

This can be resolved by using an Advanced link and inputting your formula, that follows the USD market (which the system will likely be able to find) and then converting to the relevant rate between your desired fiat and USD.


Let's consider a case where I have decided to add the UAE Dirham to my exchange and want to allow conversion to BTC with it. As shown in the image below, the system has not been able to find a relevant BTC/AED market.

To resolve this I will select the exchange I want to use to dynamically set the price, in this case, I will stick with Binance, and then click the Track Market Price box. I can search the options, and find the BTC/USDT price, and select this.

Since I will compare to USDT, this will follow the USD price as well. See in the image below how now my Formula field displays 'binance_btc-usdt'.

Now the Advanced button must be used to change the price from dollars to UAE Dirham. Opening the Advanced field, the binance_btc-usdt formula will already be there, and to convert to Dirham a quick look at a currency conversion site tells me that (at the time of writing) 1 AED is equal to 0.27 USD.

So to get a value for BTC/AED I simply have to divide the current formula by 0.27, and I will get the correct value for BTC/ AED

Now when we ask for the price result, we see that I am getting the correct value in AED (at the time of writing), with the spread applied.

Ensure to monitor the value of the currency rates and update accordingly. Fiat rates are fairly stable generally and can be buffered with the spread, but for best performance do ensure they are kept at the correct value.

Next Options and Editing Existing Deals

From here all the options are the same as for standard crypto-only deals, so check out those pages for how to progress the next couple of menus, and for editing/ removing existing deals.

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