HollaEx Plugins

Plugins offer even more personalized functionality for your exchange, and can be added and removed with ease.

HollaEx provides a variety of software add-ons as plugins. You can either simply take and use default ones, or even develop your own plugin for exactly the bit of code to suit your, and your users' needs.

To browse and add new plugins, head to the Operators Controls from an Admin account, and then Plugins from the sidebar.

Currently, there are 12 official plugins offered via HollaEx:

  • Announcements - Create quick updates and notifications

  • Bank - Enables direct fiat deposits and withdrawals*

  • SMS - Use Amazon SMS to verify users

  • KYC - Allow users to upload docs to exchange for KYC purposes

  • Zendesk - Integrate with popular customer support software Zendesk

  • Automatic KYC - Automated KYC via iDenfy

  • Messente - Allows sending SMS messages to users

  • Advanced Referral - Expand upon the in-built referral system, allowing more complex rewards

  • CoinMarketCap - Creates a set of API endpoints, making integration with Coin Market Cap easier

  • Guardarian - Crypto -> Fiat On-Ramp

  • Crisp - Integrates Crisp, adding live chat to the exchange.

  • Intercom - Integrates Intercom, adding live chat to the exchange.

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