Guardarian offers a quick and simple on-ramp for fiat enabled exchanges to add, and offer their users

Available To

Free for the following exchange plans:

  • Cloud Plans:

    • Crypto Pro

    • Enterprise

  • On-Premise Plans:

    • Boost

    • Voyager

Must have an account with Guaradarin and completed their onboarding. Get in touch by messaging their sales team on this page, and let them know you are running a HollaEx exchange.

What Is It?

Guardarian is a plugin that allows users to on-ramp their fiat and has it converted into crypto. Guardarian covers a wide selection of both fiat and crypto and offers a variety of ways to pay depending on the fiat currency chosen, such as Revolut or Google Pay.

Who Needs It?

Operators who want to offer Fiat ramping to their users. Guardarian in particular supports quite an extensive list of fiat currencies including some smaller ones, which could be useful for operators in certain locales.

How to Use It?

Simply install from the plugin store and access the configuration page via the green configure button. On this page, two strings are required:

  • Public Guardarian URL - This is the public URL to access Guaradarian's service.

  • Private API Key - This key will be provided on signing up with Guaradarin

Both URL and private key are required for this plugin to function.

With these added, the Guardarian page that has been added to your exchange will work.

It can accessed from both the sidebar and the nav bar, by default titled 'Credit Card' however this can be easily changed.

On the Guardarian page, the widget is nice and simple, user select what fiat they want to convert, from, and what crypto asset to convert to. The user inputs the amount they want and they will be taken outside the exchange to a branded page where they can complete the transaction.

If this is the user's first visit to Guardarian, they will be asked to check their crypto address, verify their email, and then complete the transaction.

Once the transaction is complete, after a small amount of time the chosen crypto asset will be deposited in the user's account.

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