HollaEx on Windows

However, don't worry! We understand that and this Windows guide is here to help.

Thanks to Microsoft, they recently released a cool technology called WSL 2 (Windows Subsystem for Linux 2), which allows Linux application works on native Windows.

Here we guide you on how to get started on your Windows Environment by using WSL 2 and Ubuntu.

Enabling WSL 2

You can follow this document by Microsoft to enable WSL 2 on your Windows PC.

Installing Ubuntu for WSL 2

You can download Ubuntu from the Microsoft Store after enabling WSL 2.


docker, docker-compose and jq will all be installed automatically by the installer so you do not need to install them manually.

One thing that will need to be done for docker to work correctly, is having the Windows Docker Desktop application. Without this, the server setup command later won't be able to complete.

All we need is for this app to be downloaded and open when we run hollaex server --setup, and we can actually see in the app the containers being made in real-time!

Catching up with HollaEx

Once WSL 2 and Ubuntu are fully set on your computer, You can go back to Installation doc and proceed to get HollaEx Kit for your exchange.

Keep in mind that HollaEx on Windows is still only recommended for testing purposes. If you are considering building a production-ready exchange, please choose Linux.

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