The first step is easy, getting the files onto our computer, and then installing the CLI, a handy tool that will assist in the setup

Whilst the On-Premise process is as simple as can be for such a complex piece of software, due to the limitless possibilities of hardware and software interactions possible on your machine, small errors may block your progress. Fear not though! There is an active HollaEx community that will be able to assist on Discord and the Forums. HollaEx team members regularly check these as well and will be happy to answer any questions or resolve any issues.

If you are going to run the HollaEx Kit on the public cloud, you don't need to go through the preparation parts. HollaEx provides a simple and easy marketplace image. Visit the HollaEx Blog to see more details. HollaEx is available both on AWS Marketplace and DigitalOcean Marketplace. Start your instance with all dependencies installed right away!


You can download the Kit through Git from the HollaEx Kit GitHub repository. Clone the repository either directly through your web browser or by using the git command below, in the directory you want the HollaEx Kit to live:

git clone

Once complete you will be able to see the hollaex-kit folder now in whatever directory you ran the clone command in.

The HollaEx Kit is a full package with all the necessary directory structure, templates, and even a full web server for a HollaEx Exchange.

Always keep the HollaEx Kit folder safe. It has all the information related to your exchange. You will lose control of your exchange If you lose or damage the folder.

CLI Installation

The first step is to install HollaEx CLI, a Command-Line tool that simplifies the operation of your HollaEx Kit.

To install the CLI, enter the newly downloaded HollaEx Kit folder with:

cd hollaex-kit

Once inside, run the CLI installer by using the command below:


Checking Our Progress

To check that the download of the HollaEx Kit and the CLI installation all worked out, enter:

hollaex version

You should see a message something like the image below, with the CLI and Kit's versions.

With everything on your machine, it's time to take these files and setup your exchange!

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