Build and apply the code changes

If you are a cloud user, just go to the manage section of the bitHolla Dashboard, and click buttons on there. simple!

Building the exchange

hollaex server --build
hollaex server --web --build

Either you make some new code changes or pull the latest update from the HollaEx Kit Github repository, you should build the code first to make it work.

The command above will build a Docker image based on your local HollaEx Kit.

Applying the image on the exchange

hollaex server --apply --registry <YOUR_IMG_REGISTRY> --tag <YOUR_IMG_TAG>
hollaex server --web --apply --registry <YOUR_IMG_REGISTRY> --tag <YOUR_IMG_TAG>

Once the image has been built, you should apply it to the server to make it function.

Run the command above to apply the image.

Applying the new image would cause a short downtime on your exchange, so please double confirm before you run it!