Upgrade exchange

HollaEx Kit always comes with something new on each release. You could pull the latest changes from Github and apply them to your exchange by following the few simple steps below.

Before you start

Please make sure to make a backup of your entire HollaEx Kit and the database, before you apply anything new.

For making a backup for your database, run hollaex toolbox --backup.

If you've initialized your HollaEx Kit exchange with HollaEx CLI v2.1.1 (or older) and / or HollaEx Kit v2.1.0 (or older), please run the command below before pulling the new changes from Github.

git update-index --assume-unchanged ./settings/*

You should commit all of your custom changes with the command below before you pull anything new from Github.

git commit --all

Pull new changes

HollaEx Kit follows the standard Git structure for managing new versions of code. You could simply run the command below to get the latest master branch of it.

git pull origin master

If there's a Git conflict, please carefully solve them all based on your code status before applying anything on your exchange.

Apply the code

Please check the Build and apply the code changes section to apply the new changes to your exchange.