The Zendesk plugin offers seamless integration of Single Sign-On (SSO) between your exchange and Zendesk. This feature allows your customers to access Zendesk support directly from your exchange by clicking the ‘help’ button. The plugin streamlines the customer support process, ensuring that your users receive timely assistance when they need it.
This can be found in the exchange app store and is free for CryptoPro, Fiat Ramp, and Boost plan subscribers. You can simply click the green ‘install’ button to install and enable the plugin on your exchange.
After installing the Zendesk plugin, you will need to input your exchange's Zendesk public URL and access key in the configuration section.
  • publicURL: This is the address that users will be redirected to when they click the 'help' button.
  • accessKey : This is used to authenticate the connection between your exchange and Zendesk.
Additionally, the ‘manually upgrade’ feature allows you to update the plugin to a newer version by uploading a .json file. This will preserve the current plugin's configuration values, ensuring that your settings are not lost during the upgrade process.
Last modified 1mo ago