Once the exchange is setup, it will work great but just on the computer it has been set up on, to let any one else join in we will need to put it into production

If you are a Cloud user, please go to the hosting section of the HollaEx Dashboard to configure custom domains.


To get ready to level up the exchange and get it ready for the world there are two ducks to get in a row first πŸ¦†:

  1. The domain

    1. Obtaining one

    2. Add the correct A record

  2. Firewall

    1. Opening the two correct ports

Domain - Getting and Setting

Of course, to get your website hosted, you must own and have access to the DNS settings of a domain. If you don't know how to do this, read this article.

Once you have purchased a domain, if you haven't already, head to the DNS settings. In these settings, we will only need a single A record. The value of this A record should be the IP of the machine that you have set up the kit on and are hosting the website on.

If there are any A records already on the DNS settings (GoDaddy for example has a default parking page record as standard), remove these, so there is just the single added A record.

Firewall πŸ”₯

Next up we need to open up two ports on our firewall. These ports are 80 and 443, with the correct IPv4 Addresses. There are various ways this may be done, so check with Google how to do this for the specific machine you are using.

Opening the Exchange to the Internet

With the domain and Firewall sorted, now it is time to open your exchange to the internet and make it accessible externally To get going, get onto your terminal, navigate to the hollaex-kit directory, and start up with the following command:

hollaex prod

This will open the following CLI message confirming that we want to proceed, hit Y to do so.

After this, we will be asked whether or not we want to issue SSL certificates, or if instead plan to use an external load balancer. If at this point you aren't sure about these concepts, stick with Y for now.

HollaEx will issue the SSL Certificate through Certbot and Let's Encrypt (This will give our site the little padlock beside the URL so users can trade knowing the website is secure). Hit one to issue these certificates for the website.

The CLI will ask us if we want to use redirects, in most cases we will be wanting this so input 2.

This will issue the certificate nearly instantly, and we will be greeted with a page like the one below:

Before running off to check that we can reach the exchange on that domain, we have three more commands just to make sure everything will be working seamlessly.

First, restart the server with:

hollaex server --restart

Once this is done, the web server should be rebuilt to prevent a communication issue between the API server by running the command below, this will take a few minutes so hang tight:

hollaex web --build

Finally, once the web image gets built successfully, you'll see the instruction like in the screenshot. Copy and paste this command, and let it run, like in the image below:

hollaex web --apply --registry <YOUR_IMAGE_REGISTRY> --tag <YOUR_IMAGE_TAG>

Let this run and you will be greeted by a big, old tick, and can try accessing your domain!

And Voila (for real this time)! Your exchange is fully accessible from the internet. Now, you are ready to roll out your brand-new exchange to the world.

Good luck, and happy trading!

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