Add new coins & pairs
Please note that adding new coins and markets to the HollaEx Network requires and XHT donation for activation of the asset and this rule is applied to all coins and markets irrespective of their size and popularity.

Add a new coin

Adding a new coin on your exchange can be easily done through the exchange's operator control page. Go to the "Assets" tab on the operator's control. You'll see the list of coins you currently got on your exchange.
From there, you can proceed to add a new coin by clicking the "Create/add asset" button
Click the "Asset" dropdown on the popup. You can see all the available coins you can instantly add to your exchange.
If the dropdown already has a coin that you want, just select and click 'Next' to proceed.
Check for the details, and click 'Confirm' to apply.
Ta-da! The new coin has been added to your assets list.

Create a new coin

There may be no coin that you want to use on the available list. Or, you could just want to create something independent on your own. No worries. It's all possible. Let's go back to the 'Create/add asset' popup.
Select the 'Add your asset' option.
The popup will ask you a few questions about your new coin. If the coin that you are trying to add is already available on the blockchain, click blockchain. Otherwise, select Fiat (real-life currency issued by a government. e.g. Korean Won).
Now, you can fill up the details for your coin. Read carefully and add the values you want to set.
Don't forget to set the price of your coin too. The price here is based on the US Dollar.
Review your values and confirm.
Your new coin will be now displayed in the 'Assets' menu. Congrats!
The new coin you've just created needs to be verified by the HollaEx team first, to be active. Our team will work to review it as quickly as possible and make the coin usable. Just hold on for a bit!

Add a new trading pair

Similar to adding new coins, adding trading pairs can be done easily through the HollaEx Dashboard in the 'Trading' section. You'll see the 'Create pair' button in the 'Pairs' menu of it. Click the button to proceed.
The popup then shows all preset pairs that are compatible with your exchange setup with a dropdown. Select whatever you want through it, and click 'Next' to continue.
Click 'Next' to proceed again after checking the pair details.
You'll now see that the new pair has been added to your 'Pairs' list.

Create a new trading pair

You can add a new trading pair based on the coins you have on your exchange. Click the 'Create pair' button, and select the 'Create a new market' option on the popup.
Set the base asset and priced asset for your trading pair, and click 'Next'.
Set the pair details here and proceed.
Review the configuration and click 'Next'.
Boom. You'll see the new pair you created on the list. Before starting to use it, the HollaEx team needs to verify your pair details and activate it. Please wait for a bit while we are working on the pair verification.
Once it gets verified, you'll see the pair on your exchange trading page.