Tiers are the levels that define what your users are able to do on your exchange, as well as what fees will be applied to them. Account tiers are a great way to reward your most loyal users.


The trading fees for each pair can be viewed and adjusted in this tab. The maker and taker fees, as percentages, can be adjusted based on user tiers. You can adjust fee values by clicking ‘Adjust fees’ on the right for each pair

  • Maker Fee: Trading fee applied to the amount traded for limit orders (orders placed and publicly offered on the order book).

  • Taker Fee: Trading fee applied to the amount traded during a market order (taking from the order book).


User asset deposit and withdrawal limits can be viewed and adjusted in this tab. You can set the limit of what is allowed to be withdrawn and deposited for each coin on your exchange.

All amounts are valued in your set native currency (USDT as default). You can change the native currency for your exchange from the general page (in the localization tab). You can adjust limit values by clicking Adjust limits on the right for each asset.

Account Tiers

From this tab, you can add user account tiers and set the trading fees and the deposit and withdrawal limit allowed for each of these tiers.

Rules for attaining tiers such as completing KYC, the account’s age, or traded volume can be applied to reward your users. You can add a new tier by clicking the ‘Add tier’ button.

Note that once a new user account tier has been added it can't be easily removed.

The default trading fee will be applied to all trading pairs. You'll be able to define each pair's trading fees in the fees section once the tier has been created.

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